Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Wonder, by R J Palacio

I have had R.J. Palacio’s novel on my ipad a while. I just never found the time to start reading it. Other books on my short list kept seeming more interesting, until a student of mine said she had chosen it to read this term! I know we like the same type of books, so I decided I should read it too, and blog about it as the reading progressed.

Maybe this is a book I can read, and put away a bit, to digest, and continue reading – and blogging about? We’ll see. 🙂

I found an article from the Times, in which the journalist wondered whether “Wonder” was the best novel from 2012. I know that “Code Name Verity” was my favourite novel in 2012, so I’m interested to see if this one can live up to Elizabeth Wein‘s great novel.

After reading the first 15% of the novel, (funny this; how reading e-books has changed how we talk about reading) I find that the author describes really well how the main character, August, perceives other people’s reaction to him, and the ways they try to hide it too.

The main character’s name immediately brings to mind another massive favourite novel of mine from this year: John Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars“! Sigh! I think this is my favourite novel so far this year! 

Well, “August” has found a place in my heart. Even though it is a week since I read the first part of the novel, I still think about him!







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